Can you explain how a direct primary care practice works?
What does the Membership Fee include and what payment options are available?
Is this a type of medical insurance plan? Do I still need my medical insurance if I join?
I’m covered by Medicare.  Can I see Dr. Polgar?
I am covered by an HMO.  Can I see Dr. Polgar?
Can I submit invoices to my insurance provider for possible reimbursement?
I have a Health Savings Account, Health Reimbursement Account, or Flexible Spending Account.  Can I access that for any reimbursement?
Will Dr. Polgar assist if I am in the hospital?
What if I need to see a specialist?
Will Dr. Polgar make house calls?
How can I reach Dr. Polgar?
Does Dr. Polgar see patients in the evening or on weekends?
Can my family members join the practice?
What happens when Dr. Polgar is away on vacation or unavailable?
What happens if I move away or if I decide to leave the practice?  Will I be reimbursed some portion of the Annual Fee?
Why is this type of practice right for me?
How can I obtain further information?