Howard County Direct Primary Care

Are you looking to provide a health benefit for your business?
Do you currently provide no benefits, limited options for healthcare, or simply want to improve your benefits package for an affordable price?
Do you want to provide a benefit that your employees can actually utilize?
Do you want to help your employees be healthier?
Do you want to reduce your company’s healthcare spend?

If so – Direct Primary Care could be a great option for you and your company. Dr. Polgar and her team are motivated to keep your employees healthy and can do so at an affordable price.




Employees are rewarded with a valued benefit: superior providers, personalized concierge-level service, unprecedented access and convenience. Employers are rewarded with increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and improved retention.

Major Benefits:

  • Access To Premium/Concierge-level Care: Patients get same or next-day access to Primary Care/Urgent Care services covered through their monthly membership.
  • Cost Savings: Direct Primary Care results in cost savings for both employees and employers. Employees are able to save because of the affordable pricing and the many services which are included. Employers can save through the decrease in overall healthcare costs from decreased hospitalizations, decreased use of Urgent Care, and more.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees are happier with their benefits package as well as healthier. Therefore, there is reduced absenteeism and higher job satisfaction!
  • Perk/Benefit for Employees: Direct Primary Care can be used a low cost employee perk to help both recruit and retain employees! Employees and/or part time workers can get access to affordable high quality healthcare.

Employer’s Benefits

  • Superior concierge-level providers focus on your employees’ health and well-being
  • Improved employee job satisfaction and retention
  • Urgent and Primary Care offered in person or via telemedicine
  • No primary or urgent care co-insurance or deductibles.
  • No restrictions based on age or pre-existing conditions
  • Coordination with your other benefit offerings

Your Employee’s Experience

  • Same or next-day appointments for urgent issues
  • 30-60 minute office visits
  • Telemedicine or in-person visits
  • After hours phone or virtual access to a provider for urgent medical needs
  • Blood drawn onsite at no additional charge
  • Significantly reduced cost of labs 
  • Phones answered live 
  • Employees have easy, simple access to their provider (phone/email/portal)

How Can Employers Save on Healthcare Spend?

  • Focus on preventative care
  • Emphasis on wellness and keeping employees healthy
  • Access to discounted labs and medicines
  • Cap on primary care costs 
  • Decreased number of hospitalizations, advanced radiology testing, surgeries, ER visits, and specialty visits

Are You Interested?

Please reach out to to get more information!

First, we will schedule a follow up call where we can give you more details as well pricing based on the size of your group. Next, we will discuss different payment options (full payment, subsidizing, or promotion) and schedule a meet and greet with Dr. Polgar and the team. Last, once the details are finalized, we will begin to provide you and your company with high quality affordable healthcare!